Strange Food

This is a very strange-looking dish I made on July 1, 2006. I intended for the sauce to be hummus, but it turned out to be waay to strong, and it tasted kind of funny (next time, I'm going to cook the ingredients before blending). Anyhow, since it was so strong, I decided to use it with some very bland stuff--potatoes and cabbage/Brussels sprouts. It turned out pretty good!


Finishing up

Place the potato next to the cabbage/Brussels sprouts. Spoon some of the sauce on top of the cabbage. Enjoy the strange food's look!

Eating directions

Break off a bit of the boiled potato. Grab a bit of the sauce (it's thick like hummus, depending on how you made it in the blender) along with a forkful of the cabbage and skewer on the chunk of potato. Alternately, put either potato or cabbage/sauce in your mouth and then put the other one in. Enjoy the garlicky goodness (without the negative overpoweringness that I actually got when I tried the sauce as hummus!)!


Reheats in the microwave well. The sauce is also very good warm, so don't worry about keeping it separate from the cabbage.

Keep sauce off the carpet!